Hi, and welcome to my blog!

I'm Connie, I think I probably still qualify as a millennial, and I am a native Coloradan/more recent New Yorker who has recently decided to take a break from working in the finance world to travel.

 Because I love traveling! After a decade of week-long trips max, (the pesky work thing really gets in the way), I longed to be able to spend more quality time seeing all the world has to offer. We really do live in the most incredible world, and I want to see it all. That's not like, hard, is it?


 The savings I've been putting away since I started working. Honestly, I think my first blog commenter (a former co-worker and soon-to-be former friend) summarized it best: "Have fun spending all that money you saved living with roommates into your 30's." 

 I tried to choose places that were a combo of 1.) Places I've always wanted to go; 2.) Adventurous, and 3.) Places I wouldn't normally have the luxury of spending a lot of time exploring. I.e. Eastern Europe, because it's so easy to work your way from north-south and hit a ton of freakishly gorgeous countries; SE Asia because I love love this area and people and typically Asia is such a trek from the East Coast when you have limited days off from work; Africa because Africa.

 Anyone who knows me knows that I love planning. Lists and Excel spreadsheets are my jam.  I started with a long list of all the countries I was dying to go to first, then pared it down slowly.  I then compared these locations with other set events this year, i.e. friends' trips, weddings, family events - and slowly built a schedule of travel around events that had set locations. I literally have an Excel file of every area I'm visiting. Unrelated, also one on NYC restaurants. If you wanna see, just ask.

 I'm so glad you asked! Click here to see my around-the-world packing list!

 I love compliments! Feel free to e-mail me at conniewang07@gmail.com


  1. I really like your blog. You should consider journalism as your second career.

  2. I'm considering doing this same thing starting in June. Maybe we can cross paths somewhere haha.