Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kengtung to Inle Lake, Myanmar: The Sketchiest Airport Ever

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Cliffnotes of the Day:
  • This AM, we took a flight from Kengtung to Inle Lake for the next leg of the trip. Seeing as how Kengtung is a tiny, tiny city (I mean, I've previously mentioned there were only 2 restaurant choices for dinner.....) - the airport itself was quite an experience. I'm actually a little surprised Kengtung even has an airport.
Our bus pulled up a small dirt road to this structure. THIS WAS THE ENTRANCE TO THE AIRPORT.

Oh, and here is their extra tight security. Some of our group didn't see the metal detector and walked right past it into the room - the security man had to come get them to make them go through.

The departure room of the Kengtung Airport

And here's the plane!  It was the only plane in the entire "airport", but was actually kind of legit - plus it was a 35-minute flight and they served beverages AND peanut butter cookies AND candy.  Asian airlines are where it's at

Soaring over Myanmar

Here's how they wheeled the steps on over to the airplane after landing

  • Upon arrival at Heho Airport, it was a 45-minute drive to Inle Lake

Our tour guide told us we could get out and take photos with this bridge. I have no idea what it's called or why it's cool or what is going on with it, but if you tell me to take a photo, I will do it

And then we arrived at Inle Lake!  You have to pay for a ticket to even enter the area (about $10), and then you can head to any of the cities near the lake

  • We are staying in this adorable hotel by Inle Lake called Paradise Hotel, where all the rooms are bungalows named after flowers.  I'm sitting on the patio of our little bungalow (which is named Rose) as we speak 
  • Our group collectively decided to head to a local winery before dinner to go watch the sunset - it's called Red Mountain Estate and was started by a local Burmese with the assistance of a French winemaker.  The winery imports the grapes, machinery, oak barrels, etc. from all the fancy parts of Europe (apparently the best oak barrels come from Hungary? Who knew), so everything is super legit there

The center of Myanmar....OR FRANCE?!

The winery was incredibly pretty. Per usual with wineries

Enjoying a glass of wine - which I hate to admit, I did not love. Granted, I'm probably the least fancy wine person ever (I choose wine bottles based on how cool the label looks; bonus points for animals), but I thought all of the wines had a tiny tiny hint of wet swimsuit flavor

Our view of the sunset - AMAZE


Artistic, because I am an artistic person

And then there was the most majestic sky as we were leaving the winery

My new mate Claire (all the English-speakers on the tour are from the UK, and I find myself accidentally picking up some of their weird British words and intonations out of nowhere)

The skies were insanely pretty. SE Asia is currently in rainy season so our guide was saying that he never sees sunsets like this

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