Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back On The Road: Next Up, Myanmar!

I'm back on the road and headed to Southeast Asia!  Through the longest network of 4 flights ever (total traveling time: 35 hours), but am aiming to be in Chiang Mai, Thailand sometime within the next two days.  Delicious airplane meals, here I come! (Does no one else find it adorable how neatly and compartmentalized airplane meals are?!  There's always a tiny salad, and a tiny dessert, and a tiny dinner roll, etc. LOVE)

Flattering angle courtesy of my dad taking the photo through the car window

Over the past week and a half back in the States, I've been.....wait wait wait, to stay true to blog format;

Cliffnotes of the Past 1.5 Weeks:
Driving top-down, selfie stick out to the Taylor Swift concert 

TAYLOR IN BOSTON. Annual bestie weekend


Fun fact, Boston has beaches?  Annual World Championship Sandcastle Competition (made that title up) with the sister

Celebrated Libby's epic Vegas bachelorette with man-dancing
.....and the bro-iest pool party you'll ever see

Denver sunsets (ignore all the power lines, traffic lights, roads, cars.....no one claimed to be the best photographer here)
"Meal of the Day"-worthy Chinese lobster dinner with the parents

In case anyone was wondering, it was the weirdest being back for the first day......it was weird hearing people speak English, and weird that things were so familiar, and weird that I wasn't constantly having to think about next steps all the time.

And now sitting here at the airport, it's weird that the adventure continues.  It was weird having to re-pack the backpack, and looking up hotels, and limiting the shoe count.  

All weird.  But so ready!  

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