Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New York, I'll miss you

I love New York more than I can describe, and much more than I ever thought I would.  There is something about the energy and life of the city that just speaks to me.  Even as I was running through the street last week in the pouring rain, having got caught without an umbrella, hauling the heaviest box in the world (which I had struggled down 4 flights of killer stairs from a 4th floor walk-up, and then inadvertently dropped a couple times in greyish street puddles due to said rain, so it was appropriately covered with muck and leaves), and then having a large handicapped man rudely cut everyone in line at the post office and loudly ranting at the employees while insisting on paying all in coins...even after the entire debacle was over....I still thought to myself, "God, I love this city."

There's nothing I can say about this city that hasn't already been said, really. I love that NYC feels like the center of the universe. I love that this city is full of millions of people all living their own crazy version of life.  I love the small corners of NYC that you discover, like the random bodega down the street from my apt that I discovered has a juicer and doesn't charge you for the # of ingredients, so that my lemon-apple-kale-spinach-ginger-beet juice is half the price it would be at Liquiteria. Or how one day wandering the East Village while searching for a tailor on Yelp, I discovered my adorable Asian-lady tailor who has assumed a motherly role over me and will often say things like, "This dress is already short. You sure you want to hem this dress........shorter??" in a very concerned tone.

That being said, here is just a (very, very small) snapshot of things I will miss about my NYC life:

Wine nights on our
apartment rooftop
The skyline at night

West Village
The most incredible improv class ever
Union Square farmers' market,
my summer Saturday routine
Karaoke nights. I'm sure nobody
needs to ask what we were singing
Famous people sightings, bc I have zero
control over my emotions when I see them. This is the cast of OITNB!
My volleyball team. Despite the fact
that nobody appreciated how genius the
name "Red Block-sters" was
This completely mediocre view from my room
Where else can you get 3AM s'mores fries???!
Perfect Spring mornings
Chelsea. Ugh, I love you so much
Weekend 2PM "brunches" #basic
People in the Northeast get to go
apple-picking in the Fall! LUCKY
Did I already mention the skyline? Even after 4 years, this never ceases to take my breath away
This view from Willamsburg

The sad thing is this post could have been like, 10x longer. But I refrained, not out of restraint, but because Blogger is terrible at uploading photos and I have lost patience.

Is it also cliche to mention that I have met some of the most incredible people ever here, and I can't imagine not having these people as part of my everyday life anymore?  Do you think that phrase "Leave NYC while you still love it" or whatever (it's more eloquent-sounding than that) is just a ploy to ease the sting of leaving one of the most gritty, vibrant, adventure-filled cities ever?  

brb, time to go cry a river into my milk tea.


  1. I just saw this on picture. I'm glad to be a part of your memories of NYC!

    HAVE FUN ON YOUR TRIP! :-) Safe travels!

    also capslock is my mortal enemy. I just retyed ALL of this.

    1. Thanks so much Kim! NYC would not have been the same without the "most talented 101 class ever" - I'm paraphrasing but I think that was the general gist? =) So, so glad you were a part of it <3