Friday, June 26, 2015

Lake Bled, Part 2: Just Call Me Rugged

Day 2 in Lake Bled started out with two cream-filled donuts from a local bakery down the street from Marko's = winning.

Cliffnotes of the Day:
We started the day by renting bikes and riding to Vintgar Gorge, a couple kilometers outside town and a 30-minute bike ride. The ride out there was SO CUTE, through rolling green hills and little neighborhoods. Some of the inclines were not-so-cute, especially as my bike chain broke as we were almost there and we had to ride all the way back to town to change the bike out, so inclines x2.

The scenic view on the bike ride
Today is National Slovenian Independence Day, which meant people were all off work/school, so the gorge was packed! It was a really pretty hike though; they built bridges and walking paths that followed this huge bubbly river in the gorge (it was "gorge"-ous ✌) complete with waterfalls, random bends, bridges, and waterfall spray.
    Here's the gorge!
The water was so green!  MINERALS
Bubbly river
Just some selfie stick action
Winding footpaths built along the side of the gorge
Just a rainbow

Ending waterfall

After the gorge, Sunny took a bus out of town to see another lake, while I cycled back to Lake Bled because I wanted to hike a trail with a scenic overlook that we'd heard about the day before.

Armed with my map and my bike with the most uncomfortable seat ever (like sitting on a cement block), I located the trail halfway around the lake, chained my bike to a fence, and made the climb. For as chaotic as the lake area was with Slovenians on holiday, the hiking trail was incredibly empty and peaceful. It was so empty that I was afraid I was going the wrong way, and had to ask the first person I came across (an older British woman, who directed me towards one trail vs. another because "the other is rubbish"). The hike was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but when I finally reached the top, I was rewarded with this:


It was the prettiest overlook ever, and the best part was that it was totally empty as well, besides a photographer taking photos of a model:

I kid, I kid.

Just kidding. No but really, there actually was a real model doing a photoshoot, people. 

Anyways, I sat at the top for awhile - and you know what I did? Ate my kiwi (see Budapest entry)!!!! It was finally ripe after its own mini-world adventure.

After my hike, I biked a little further until I found an area where there was a huge expanse of lounge chairs facing the lake. Of course they cost money to sit in, but I treated myself a little (5 Euros; big spender here). The lounge chair came with my own personal concierge, who brought me a pillow, coffee and a sandwich. Living the dream.

I had a prime view of tons of small naked Slovenian children running around

On a side note, my legs/ass are in pain from the rugged outdoorswoman I've become over the past two days.

To round out the day, I ran to the fruit market, then cozied up on our guesthouse patio - then Sunny got back and we went to our last meal overlooking the lake.  Tomorrow, Sunny is headed back home to NYC by way of Belgium, and I continue onto Croatia.  

Slovenia was a great time; I didn't know a ton about it before I showed up, and it surprised me how nature-oriented and outdoorsy it is.  I can see how it is definitely like Switzerland (or even Colorado! So many parts like Colorado), but with delicious cream cakes and castles - so if those are things you Coloradans have been longing for - Slovenia is your place!

See you in Croatia!

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